The Civic Group "Dialogue between Science and Art" was officially institutionalized in May 2002. It represents a group of scientists and artists who were interested in communication with friends from opposite fields even before the Civic Group was founded. As the communication grew, from accidental to regular, its quality and forms changed.
The scientists were asked to open art exhibitions or write artists profiles in exhibition catalogues Another reason for establishing such a group was the different perceptions of science and art in society. Many people view science as a cold, precise activity, one that is limited in its scope and that is ultimately dehumanizing. Its practitioners aren't viewed as people who necessarily shape the social environment. Scientists can be partially to blame for their social standing. Thanks to the need for specialization, their language has become Incomprehensible to the average person. On the contrary, art is seen as something that creates integrated individuals and artists are considered as “intellectuals”, able to understand and express human consciousness.
The truth is, that only in science do we find something really new. Current art has more or less returned to the predictable, proven patterns of the past.Society has been broken down into target groups for specific cultural products, which lower the consumer to the mass average. We're returning to the "bread and circuses" of antiquity, where the hero is the film star TV personality, and rock musician.

Efforts have been taken to form an association of artists and scientists to bridge the communication gap that still exist between the two. With today's technological advances creating both hope and anxiety, more than ever we need to rethink the links between these two spheres, which have so profoundly affected our human existence.

Činnost OS Dialog vědy s uměním byla Městským soudem v Praze zrušena k 1. 1. 2022.

The Civic Action Group "Dialogue between Science and Art" was closed to January first 2022.